Cyber Attack on the City of Atlanta – A stark reminder of the need for and importance of ethical hacking

Thursday morning (22 March, 2018), the City of Atlanta’s computer systems fell victim to what’s being called a ‘cyber attack’. According to the information that we’ve seen thus far, the attack is apparently a ransomware attack demanding payment in exchange for the decryption keys to unlock the affected data. According to news articles, local, state […]

Another healthcare breach exposes hundreds of thousands of patient records

Data breaches in three different locations including Farmington Missouri (48,000 records), Atlanta Georgia (397,000 records) and the Central / Midwest US (210,000 records) allegedly including Social Security numbers, full names, physical addresses, dates of birth and insurance information. The names of the organizations have not yet been released and the attacker has advised that a […]

Teslacrypt closes shop, releases master decryption key

In a bit of an odd announcement, the group behind the Teslacrypt ransomware has apparently closed up shop and posted a note on their website saying “We are sorry!” and including the master key for decryption.  According to this article from ThreatPost, preliminary tests indicate that the key is legitimate and is able to decrypt […]