Apple, again, having to defend it’s decision not to include backdoors in Apple products to Justice Department

Right now, the US Justice Department is trying to compel Apple to help them in break into an Apple device to assist in the investigation into the Pensacola terrorist attack. They [the Justice Department] also want Apple to include backdoors in their products moving forward to make it easier for law enforcement and other government […]

Cyber Attack on the City of Atlanta – A stark reminder of the need for and importance of ethical hacking

Thursday morning (22 March, 2018), the City of Atlanta’s computer systems fell victim to what’s being called a ‘cyber attack’. According to the information that we’ve seen thus far, the attack is apparently a ransomware attack demanding payment in exchange for the decryption keys to unlock the affected data. According to news articles, local, state […]

Quick comments on the proposed encryption bill and the Apple -vs- FBI battle (yes, they’re related)

New encryption bill proposed by Richard Burr (Republican, North Carolina) and Dianne Feinstein (Democrat, California) seeks to effectively require backdoors in encryption. The intent of the law is, I believe, noble.  The backdoors would only be available to law enforcement and then only in the most serious circumstances like terrorist attacks, child pornography, human trafficking, […]