Cyber Attack on the City of Atlanta – A stark reminder of the need for and importance of ethical hacking

Thursday morning (22 March, 2018), the City of Atlanta’s computer systems fell victim to what’s being called a ‘cyber attack’. According to the information that we’ve seen thus far, the attack is apparently a ransomware attack demanding payment in exchange for the decryption keys to unlock the affected data. According to news articles, local, state […]

Another SWIFT hack highlights security failures at multiple banks

“BDA discovered that for each unauthorized transfer, an unauthorized user remotely accessed BDA’s computer system after hours, logged onto the SWIFT network purporting to be BDA, and redirected transactions to new beneficiaries with significant dollar amounts…” — DataBreachToday The news relating to the security of the SWIFT messaging system seems to be getting worse as […]

What is a blockchain? Hint, it’s not just for Bitcoin.

The blockchain’s current and first killer app is Bitcoin, the secure, anonymous digital currency or cryptocurrency.  Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have gotten a lot of press lately because they are the defacto standard method that Ransomware accepts payment (because it’s secure and anonymous).  Like Bitcoin though, the blockchain has a lot of uses outside of just […]