Another healthcare breach exposes hundreds of thousands of patient records

Data breaches in three different locations including Farmington Missouri (48,000 records), Atlanta Georgia (397,000 records) and the Central / Midwest US (210,000 records) allegedly including Social Security numbers, full names, physical addresses, dates of birth and insurance information. The names of the organizations have not yet been released and the attacker has advised that a […]

Another SWIFT hack highlights security failures at multiple banks

“BDA discovered that for each unauthorized transfer, an unauthorized user remotely accessed BDA’s computer system after hours, logged onto the SWIFT network purporting to be BDA, and redirected transactions to new beneficiaries with significant dollar amounts…” — DataBreachToday The news relating to the security of the SWIFT messaging system seems to be getting worse as […]

What is a blockchain? Hint, it’s not just for Bitcoin.

The blockchain’s current and first killer app is Bitcoin, the secure, anonymous digital currency or cryptocurrency.  Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have gotten a lot of press lately because they are the defacto standard method that Ransomware accepts payment (because it’s secure and anonymous).  Like Bitcoin though, the blockchain has a lot of uses outside of just […]