Partnerships to make the wise wiser; leveraging relationships to advance information security

At the end of the day, our goal is to help our clients see their organization from the perspective of an attacker; the unpatched vulnerabilities, the exposed services, the naive employee, the real-world risk that their security strategy has to address.  It seems simple but, for someone that’s internal to the organization and actively engaged in its day to day management or operations, its often difficult or impossible to ‘see’ the organization from any perspective other than ‘inside’.  It’s often easy for business partners like attorneys, accountants or IT support companies to see the risk but, depending on the relationship, pointing out the risk can be like calling the baby ugly; awkward, intrusive or even insulting.  This creates an opportunity for criminals to exploit these vulnerabilities to the detriment of the client, their business partners or both.

We believe that our unique position gives us an opportunity to serve both the client organization and the business partners that they depend on.  For the client organization, we provide independent, unbiased assessment of their information security strategy that can be used as directly translated into a roadmap to help achieve their security strategy.  For the business partner, we act as an intermediary that is able to clearly communicate security concerns to the client without the risk of damage to the relationship.

If your company provides professional services and you would like to learn more about our partner programs or, if you would like to discuss your organizations information security strategy, let us know.

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