Vecrypt v1.19 released and fixes multiple low, medium and critical risk vulnerabilities

The open-source encryption software and successor to Truecrypt Veracrypt has been updated to v1.19 to address vulnerabilities discovered in a recently completed code audit. The update addresses all critical, medium and low-risk vulnerabilities and workarounds have been provided for those vulnerabilities not yet addressed.  The audit was completed against Veracrypt v1.18 and was completed on […]

Cisco patches vulnerability from Shadow Brokers breach

According to this article from ThreatPost and this one from The Register, we’re already starting to see the first trickle of patches resulting from the Shadow Brokers.  Looking at the information available though, this doesn’t look too bad (so far).  Some important things that jumped out to me about the Cisco vulnerability (there’s also a […]

Social Engineering, what is it and why is it important?

What is Social Engineering? Once again, the Social Engineering Capture The Flag (SECTF) competition at DEF CON was a huge success.  Social Engineering (SE) is is basically hacking the human element in an organization, tricking the victim into giving the attacker sensitive information about the target.  Attacking the human allows an attacker to bypass the […]