Our Clients and Our Role

Piratica works with clients at every level of their organization to identify potential vulnerabilities in their security posture and define solutions to mitigate or eliminate those vulnerabilities. We also work with IT Service Providers who may not have the experience or resources to offer these services directly but understand the value and importance of understanding and mitigating risk. Our methodology combines aspects of industry best practice, PTES, NIST, OSSTMM and two decades of experience to deliver unparalleled piece of mind to our clients.

For IT Service Providers

Many traditional IT Service Providers / Managed Service Providers, while well skilled in managing and maintaining client networks, may not have the necessary skillset or infrastructure to conduct offensive security testing (vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, etc.). There are also instances where the existing IT Providers extensive and in-depth knowledge of the network makes it impossible for them to conduct an impartial test or simulate a real world attack. In these cases, Piratica would conduct the test either directly with the client or as a contractor for the existing provider. If you are an IT Service Provider / Managed Services Provider and would like information on working with Piratica or details about the referral bonus, please contact us.

Direct To Client

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying and prioritizing (or ranking) the vulnerabilities in a system and is often conducted by an attacker in the early stages of an attack. The attacker will then use the information to plan their entry into the target system. Piratica will use the same tools and techniques used by an attacker to assess the security posture of a client organization and will compile the information into a report format that clients can use train users, patch vulnerabilities and minimize their attack surface.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is designed to closely mimic a real-world attack to identify the attack surface, test countermeasures and / or test the incident response capabilities of a target. Piratica will work with client organizations to identify and, depending on the scope and rules of engagement, attempt to exploit vulnerabilities to simulate a real-world attack. We will then compile the results of the test into a report format that the client can use to patch vulnerabilities, update employee onboarding / training materials and business process to reduce their attack surface and increase the effectiveness of their incident response plan.

If you would like more information or would like to meet with us about helping you secure your organization, please contact us.