Quick OpEd on MIT anonymizing network Riffle

Researchers at MIT have recently released a whitepaper detailing Riffle, “An Efficient Communication System With Strong Anonymity” that was quickly picked up by a number of news outlets including ThreatPost.  There’s plenty of details in the PDF and linked articles but, for the TL;DR crowd, a couple of things stand out that I think are […]

Another healthcare breach exposes hundreds of thousands of patient records

Data breaches in three different locations including Farmington Missouri (48,000 records), Atlanta Georgia (397,000 records) and the Central / Midwest US (210,000 records) allegedly including Social Security numbers, full names, physical addresses, dates of birth and insurance information. The names of the organizations have not yet been released and the attacker has advised that a […]

Pastejack – Attacking from the clipboard

Our goal as penetration testers is to learn how malicious hackers operate to compromise the confidentiality, integrity and / or availability of their victims in the real-world and integrate those attacks into our engagements.  This gives our clients the most realistic experience possible so that they’re able to quickly identify an attack when it happens […]